Stop TfL Closing Suburban Station Car Parks

Stop TfL closing suburban station car parks

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In the light of recent cases of attacks against women including Sabina Nessa and Sarah Everard at night, TfL should not be closing suburban station car parks.

The car parks are essential resources for women to get back safely at night to their home in the quiet suburbs of London.

Likewise, the station car parks are essential for older people and people with disabilities (not just blue badge holders, but also the many hundreds of thousands of people that have disabilities, but do not hold a blue badge) to be able to access London’s transport network.

Not everyone is able to walk or get public transport to the tube station. This is especially true of the suburban tube stations, where public transport isn’t as frequent and, in the case of Cockfosters, an end-of-the-line station, it’s a very steep, hilly area and the bus services are very limited. Closure of such a station car park will disadvantage so many people that are protected under the Equality Act 2010.

Closing the suburban tube station car parks is not ‘green’, in fact, it is quite the opposite. People that live outside of London use these as park-and-ride facilities. Park-and-ride is an established and well-recognised green initiative. To get rid of these forever by building on them is a ridiculous idea.

The fact that the Mayor of London/TfL plans to close 12 suburban station car parks, mainly clustered in the north west of London, without a full public consultation (that should’ve taken place years ago, when the plans were drawn up), smacks of a blatant disregard for women’s safety and disabled rights.

Sadiq Khan, please stop the plans for TfL removing these vital resources forever. The closure will put women in danger and blight the lives of many older and disabled people for decades to come.